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Native American Hemp currently offers consultancy, strategic planning and partnership opportunities in all aspects of growing and commercializing hemp.


We offer consultancy services to tribes, farmers and other groups who desire our expertise in hemp cultivation. Many times this assessment will answer questions that a potential Hemp Grower may have before making the decision to enter the industry.

Strategic Planning

The members of Native American Hemp are experts in the legal and business industries. Various Tribes and Farmers have relied on our expertise and guidance in the legal, licensing, seed acquisition, and crop sales aspects of their industrial hemp operations. Additionally, Native American Hemp is actively following the growth of the hemp industry and partners with individuals and other entities who have helped establish laws, legislation and best practices in the hemp industry at large.


Native American Hemp prioritizes people and relationships. As such, creating partnership-based relationships in the hemp industry is a primary focus for Native American Hemp.

Through carefully formed and selective partnerships, we provide the entire pipeline of services, from seed to market, required for success in the hemp industry. Such services include, but are not limited to: legal, licensing, land selection, land cultivation, seed acquisition, seed planting, irrigation, harvesting, business and product creation, and wholesale and retail sales.

Although nothing is guaranteed in farming, especially in dealing with the weather, our partners will have the best chance for success possible. By partnering with Native American Hemp, all consulting, planning and maintenance fees are reduced. And most importantly, we position ourselves as true partners, meaning that we are not successful unless our partner is successful first.

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