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From seed to market, we provide the full range of planning, operational services and go-to-market strategies for the production of the highest quality hemp products.

Dedicated to Community, Environment and Quality Hemp

We are a Native American-owned limited liability company, founded and based in Oklahoma, dedicated to growing industrial hemp that is organic, environmentally enriching, and 100% legal under tribal, state, and federal laws.

Community Driven

We work with the USDA, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, state governments and local municipalities in support of crop consultation, production, processing and product marketing.

Native American Hemp creates jobs for Tribal Members and rural communities, along with offering tax-favorable platforms for investors, through use tax incentive programs such as Opportunity Zones and others.

Environmentally Conscious

In addition to product sales to the general hemp consumer markets, the company is pursuing specific opportunities to serve the energy industry through phytoremediation of contaminated sites. Environmental research studies have established that certain strains of hemp can absorb substantial quantities of toxic chemicals through their root systems during growth, thereby removing these harmful substances from the soil and making disposal more convenient and less expensive, naturally.

What Differentiates Native American Hemp

We focus on a market segment (Native American Tribes) that is underserved, underutilized, and possesses unlimited opportunity. This market segment has tax advantages and a desire to build and create in this industry, and NAH has the connections and expertise to maximize the opportunities in this market.

NAH has the unique capacity to grow crops and serve markets from seed to end product on its own, while in conjunction, partnering with Native American Tribes to manage their crops, which they hold an ownership stake in.

From conferences where NAH owners have been featured as Keynote Speakers and private meetings with Tribal officials nationwide, we have become a recognized and respected authority in this industry among our key market targets.

Employing and partnering with others who share the same vision and heart to create sustainable lands, job creation and product uses for America’s Indigenous people has catapulted NAH from a promising idea to a rapidly expanding business that will be profitable in Year 1 of its operations. The business model NAH has implemented is readily scalable in capacity and geographic locations, giving unlimited upside to this innovative enterprise.


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