Native American Owned, Organically Grown

From seed to market, Native American Hemp provides a full range of planning, operational services, and go-to-market strategies for the production of the highest quality hemp products for Tribes, Tribal members, and farmers across the United States.

Native American Hemp is working to cleanse the air, heal the soil, and end malnutrition in Native American communities by developing and sharing the extraordinary natural powers of industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp is expected to be the fastest growing segment of agricultural crops during the next 15 years. [i]

With almost 30,000 industrial products currently made from hemp, the
total value of hemp retail products sold in the United States in 2017 was $820 million.[ii] Further, early estimates show industrial hemp is expected to reach $10 billion in sales by 2025.[iii]


Oklahoma Department of Agriculture

We work with federal, tribal, state, and local governments in support of crop consultation, production, processing and product marketing.

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture officials testing in Native American Hemp fields.

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture officials, land owners and farmers.

Native American Hemp, LLC (NAH) is a Native-owned company that grows,
refines, and sells organic industrial hemp products to wholesale and retail
markets. The company represents a vertically-integrated growing, processing,
and sales operation – a farm-to-market enterprise that produces value-added
hemp products of the highest quality for local, national, and global markets
and consumers.

Hemp is Not Marijuana

In fact, if hemp contains 0.3% or more THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects – it ruins the crop.

In The News

Breakwater Investment Group is pleased to announce that Leilani Wilson Walkush, Senior Consultant, and David Walkush, Portfolio Manager, have been appointed to the Board of Advisors for Native American Hemp, LLC.

Greg Guedel, Ph.D., Executive Director of Native American Hemp, LLC provided this welcoming statement:

On behalf of the principals of Native American Hemp, I am honored and delighted to invite you to join our company’s Board of Advisors. As a rapidly growing Native-American-owned business, our journey involves many unique challenges and exciting opportunities. Your expertise will be invaluable as our business expands and diversifies its operations nationally, and we are tremendously privileged to work with and learn from you as we grow.

The mission of Native American Hemp is to heal the land, clean the air, end malnutrition, and create economic opportunity in Tribal communities through the production of industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity and the development of value-added consumer products. We are ready and eager to work with Tribes of every size, location, and stage of economic development, and we greatly appreciate your help in connecting with interested communities.


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